Featured Kitchen Gadget: Edges Only Brownie Pan

Edges Only Brownie Pan by Baker's Edge. Photo by KAS.

I suppose it’s no surprise that my favorite Christmas present was this Edges Only Brownie Pan. I was skeptical at first that one box of brownies would fill the entire pan, but the brownies were perfect – 1-inch thick, moist in the middle and the best part of all, every piece had two crunchy edges. Edges only brownie lovers have finally met their match.

Gadget Details

  • Heavy-gauge aluminum pan ensures durability
  • Premium non-stick coating and rounded edges make for easy clean up
  • Fits boxed mixes and recipes for both 9″x9″ and 9″x13″ pans
  • 70% more side surface than a conventional 9″x13″ pan
  • Comes with a small spatula to easily remove brownies

Where to Buy

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