From Tasers to Truffles

“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a ‘What the hell?’ attitude.”  – Julia Child

I am ecstatic to celebrate the official one year mark of the launch of Just a Taste. It’s amazing how much can change in a year, so I wanted to update you all on some exciting news about what’s in store for the site and where I’m headed next.

A year ago this month I was setting out to explore the beat I was assigned to cover while in journalism grad school here in New York City. I will never forget riding the 4 train for the first time and getting off on Hunts Point Avenue in the south Bronx.

I was armed with my reporter’s notebook and a pink taser as I wandered the streets for the next three months, looking for stories and truthfully, trying not to become the story. I came home every night and cooked as a way to decompress from the day. Cooking and baking became my welcome distraction each night, and Just a Taste became a way for me to share that release and love with others.

As the site has grown, so too has my passion and dedication to pursuing a career in a field that started off as a childhood hobby. This next step is one that I’ve wanted to take for the past five years, and as of tomorrow I will be living that dream – culinary school here I come!

It’s my goal to bring you along for the ride by sharing my insights from the professional world of food. I’m also happy to announce that I’m now a Featured Publisher with Foodbuzz, an online community of food blogs that promotes and organizes content from more than 10,000 blogs worldwide.

I’m looking forward to bettering my skills as a chef and as a food journalist and I’m diving headfirst into this new experience with every hope of making that happen. So grab a fork, tie on that apron tight and get ready to dig in for an exclusive look at life behind the burners.


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    Sarah says

    Kelly Senyei! Words do not do justice to how wowed I am by your passion! I have been checking out ‘Just A Taste’ for the past couple of weeks for recipe tips (as I am attempting to experiment with new concoctions that add a little more zest to my usual go-to lunches and dinners) — with, of course, my extremely amateur cooking prowess.

    All I can say? A huge, huge, CONGRATULATIONS! Even from Chicago to NYC through blog-postings, you continue to inspire me and keep me checking in for a new great update or recipe! I of course send along updates to our dear old KAT girls, my NU roommates and Mama Lew. In sum – you’ve got quite a fan club, girl! Keep it up — I can’t wait to keep tasting! Miss and love you lots.

    Sending love and congratulations from Lincoln Park, Chicago!


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