Spooky Sweets for Halloween

Spooky Sweets for Halloween

The Halloween countdown is on, with just 12 days left until the streets swell with vampires, zombies, ghosts and goblins. I’ll be missing the Halloween festivities this year for a wedding in North Carolina, which means my Go Go Juice-toting, sketti-eating, Glitzy-carrying Honey Boo Boo costume won’t make its much anticipated debut. (Devastated would be an understatement.)

As tempted as I am to feign confusion over the exact definition of “black tie invited,” I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that my costume will go unseen, prompting these spooky desserts to be my sole display of Halloween fervor. So join me in getting your creep on with a few of my favorite recipes for freakish and frightening Halloween fare…




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