Featured Kitchen Gadget: Giant Cupcake Pan

I received this Wilton giant cupcake pan for my birthday, and I couldn’t wait to test out this mold with a chocolate version of my Vanilla Cream Cupcakes recipe. The pan fits a single boxed cake mix, and the premium non-stick surface ensures easy removal of both the top and bottom parts of the two-sided mold. Once the cake has cooled, assemble the two parts with a thin layer of icing and then ice and decorate as you would a normal cake.

Gadget Details

  • Professional weight aluminum cast
  • Premium non-stick surface makes for easy release and clean up
  • 10-cup capacity fits one boxed cake mix
  • Two-sided mold for top and bottom of cupcake
  • Comes with recipe for Double Chocolate Pound Cake

Where to Buy

  • You can purchase the Giant Cupcake Pan at most cooking stores or online at the Just a Taste Amazon Store.

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  1. This cupcake pan would be dangerous for me: I would be very tempted to eat it all on my own, no sharing involved!

  2. I’m using this cupcake pan to create a “topper” for a cupcake tower for a wedding. You can use regular cake recipes, but double the recipe for a giant cupcake (maybe even triple it) so that you can fill both sides at least 2/3. Better to have too much cake batter (to use for regular cupcakes) than not enough for the pan.

    Reduce the baking temp to 325 degrees and bake 40-50 min (not the cupcake times, as many here have suggested – it’s still cake batter until at least 40 min – check it at 40 min as ovens vary). 350 degrees for 25 min will leave the outside edges burned while the inside is not done.

    Mine has turned out beautifully and once cooled and decorated, I’ll be posting a picture of it on my fan page later today. :)

    Also, making a chocolate “cupcake liner” is SUPER easy. Simply melt 8-12 oz of chocolate and coat the pan in the chocolate. After you coat the pan the first time, refrigerate the chocolate for 5 min and repeat (rotating the pan to coat the sides). Keep doing this until the chocolate becomes a paste consistency. Then, using a spoon or basting brush, thickly brush the sides with chocolate until the bottom has only about 2mm of chocolate on the bottom. The inside will look a mess, but the outside will be a lovely, smooth cupcake liner! Trim your bottom cake to fit and if the upper edges of the chocolate cupcake liner are imperfect, just pipe frosting over the edge and no one will be the wiser!

    Hope this helps!

  3. I too am eyeing this cute pan. I originally thought about Kelly’s idea as well. I’m curious if it would actually work best to pour batter in one side then give it a head start of ten minutes or so then add batter to the other side. Or would this disruption in baking so early on cause the side already baking to fall?

  4. Hi Heather,

    Thank you for your comment. In my experience, the cakes cooked evenly, but I can understand that varying oven temperatures may give you a different result. My suggestion would be to bake the cake in two parts: pour batter into both sides of the mold; at the appropriate time (I’d guess around 22-25 minutes), use a knife to remove the top part of the cupcake from the mold; return the mold to the oven to finish baking off the bottom part. You could also go the route of baking both halves separately, allowing the top to cool while the bottom bakes. Hope this helps and thanks for stopping by the site!

    Kelly Senyei
    Founder, Just a Taste

  5. I am thinking about getting this but did read a couple of reviews that felt the top and bottom of the “cupcake” did not bake in equal time and felt that each part should be baked at a seperate time from the other. they said when baked together that the top of the “cupcake” was over cooked and the bottom part was just right.
    Do you agree or disagree?


  6. i would like to have a better selection of recipes for the giant cupcake.also- in the recipe that comes with the mold- it says a regular cake mix will not fill the pan. I would love to get a recipe that uses a cake mix that has added extra ingred. to make it ample enough.