The Just a Taste Kitchen Remodel

Join me in my kitchen as I share the before and after reveal of the Just a Taste kitchen remodel, including how I created a multipurpose space that functions as my office, photo and video studio, and prop closet.

A kitchen remodel with the floors and ceilings demo'd

Ten years.

That’s how long I have spent waiting for the Just a Taste kitchen.

The Just a Taste Kitchen before being remodeled

It seems only fitting that my dream kitchen finally became a reality during the same year I marked the 10-year anniversary of the site. In the past decade, I’ve shared more than 850 recipes, graduated from culinary school, wrote a book, moved across the country, got married, got a dog, had two kids (in less than two years!) and been inspired by our corner of the internet that includes millions of cooking enthusiasts that span the globe, a.k.a. YOU!

Now, after 10 years and six moves, I’ve finally turned my dream kitchen into a reality.

The Just a Taste kitchen being remodeled with wall being removed

Designing a home kitchen comes with many decisions, but when that kitchen also serves as my office, my photo and video studio, and my prop closet, well, you can imagine the time spent laying out every single inch of this space.

The biggest change we made to the existing layout was the removal of the wall dividing the kitchen (pictured above) from the formal dining room (pictured below). With two small kids, we don’t have much need for a formal dining area, so the decision to knock down the wall separating the two spaces allowed us to get the open feel we were hoping for.

Just a Taste dining room and kitchen remodel mid-demo

I worked with the talented interior designer Mindy Gayer of Mindy Gayer Design Co. to bring my kitchen vision to life. With just a few buzzwords (“Light! Bright! White!”), she not only captured the exact look and feel I was aiming for, but she also ever-so-gently nudged me out of my comfort zone. (Hello, blue kitchen island!)

The Just a Taste kitchen remodel after construction

Mindy’s space-planning expertise is fully on display, as she crafted a casual dining area within the larger kitchen by selecting furniture pieces that maximized the amount of seating without making it feel crowded.

The banquet bench is a favorite spot for me to brainstorm recipe creations and edit photos, while the boys love having snacktime perched atop the sun-washed rattan barstools.

The Just a Taste kitchen island, fridge, freezer and dining room table

I also teamed up with Bedrosians Tile & Stone, who provided the durable quartzite countertops and classic subway tile backsplash that set the tone for the entire space. I opted for quartzite with a Carrara marble-esque feel to blend my aesthetic desires with my practical needs as a mom of two boys who cooks seven days a week.

Just a Taste kitchen layout with show kitchen and dirty kitchen

One of the most unique features of our kitchen is that it’s actually two kitchens—a full kitchen (or “show kitchen”) and a back kitchen (or “dirty kitchen”). A side-by-side refrigerator and freezer serves as the divider between the two spaces.

This decision was made to provide ample room for everything I need to have on the countertops (bottle warmers, sippy cup drying racks, toaster, etc.) but don’t necessarily want to see at all times, especially during filming!

Kelly Senyei opening her oven in the Just a Taste kitchen

We also placed the double-stacked ovens in the “dirty kitchen” so that the main kitchen could function as a filming set free of reflective surfaces. When I film, all you see behind me is the Viking range and white cabinetry, which is a clean, distraction-free background.

The flow of the kitchen with regards to how the ovens, range, fridge and sink are positioned is something I spent weeks drafting on paper. Although my kitchen is also my office and studio, it is predominantly the place where I cook for my family. Aesthetics were important, but functionality was top of the list.

The Just a Taste dirty kitchen after being remodeled

The “dirty kitchen” is also home to:

  • a second dishwasher
  • a crushed ice machine
  • a large pantry
  • refrigerator drawers

The Viking refrigerator drawers have been game-changers. I keep them stocked with our favorite drinks, which frees up space in the fridge for all of the boys’ snacks, fresh fruit and veggies, and meals I prep for them throughout the day.

Viking refrigerator drawers filled with drinks in the Just a Taste kitchen

Speaking of storage…

Let’s talk prop closet! I shoot photos and videos every week for the site, and that leads to dishes—a lot of dishes.

The Just a Taste kitchen cupboards and prop closet

I am a Type A girl who cannot work unless everything is in its place. So when it came time to lay out the cabinetry in the kitchen, I wanted to maximize the extra height we added to the ceiling to give myself plenty of storage for the hundreds of plates, bowls, cups, cake stands and everything else I’ve collected over the past decade.

White cabinets filled with plates, cups and bowls all lined up

I have come a long way from my first apartment kitchen in Chicago, and the five other kitchens in New York City and southern California I’ve called my “office” over the past decade.

It was my goal to seamlessly blend a work space with a home space so that the Just a Taste kitchen could be functional for my job but also practical for my family.

The Just a Taste kitchen remodel with Kelly standing at the kitchen island

The result is an open, bright kitchen that is my dream office and studio, and most importantly, the heart of our home.

Questions about anything you see here? Leave a comment below and I’d be happy to share additional details!

Kelly Senyei standing in her kitchen photographing food

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  1. Stunning outlook!! Really love the way you decorate the amazing kitchen. Thanks a lot for sharing…

  2. Ah! This kitchen is BEAUTIFUL!! Love every element! What floor did you use? Is it real
    wood or wood look tile? It looks amazing!

  3. I absolutely love this kitchen, it is truly stunning. So bright and happy! I would love it if you would share where you got all of your plates/bowls/glassware on the open shelves. I have open shelves in my kitchen too, and love how beautiful everything looks!

    1. Thanks so much, Amanda! A majority of it is from Restoration Hardware, but I think it has since been discontinued :(

  4. Stunning!! A dream kitchen for sure! Have made so many of your recipes…and BTW…my new mantra this year is “Just A Taste”.

  5. Just gorgeous! I’m in love with your kitchen and so inspired with the colors, layout and clean lines. Thank you for inspiring us and we look forward to more food inspirations as well!

  6. Kelly, I’m in LOVE! I would never leave! Also, I love that you have a dirty kitchen…my grandmother had one in her circa 1960s house in Manila, and I always thought that it was a brilliant idea (especially now on video shoot days!). Enjoy every minute in that beautiful space!

    1. Thanks so much, Liren! Yes, it’s been amazing to just chuck all the dirty stuff there during shoots and keep moving :)

  7. I’m so excited for you!!! I’m in the beginning stages of all of that. We’ve downsized greatly though since our son is headed off to college, so no back kitchen for me. Light and bright was my “ask” too! I love yours!

  8. I love how big and bright your new kitchen turned out, Kelly! Gorgeous! I totally need the fridge drawers. That’s just genius!

  9. Beautiful Kitchen!! Love the back kitchen area design, great use of space. Congratulations on your dream fulfilled.
    I have question about the crushed ice maker, what brand did you get? I’ve been looking for one and Hoshizaki is closest I have found to what I would like.

    1. Thank you, Liz! The one we have is the Viking Nugget Ice Machine and I AM OBSESSED. Literally. Diet Coke with crushed ice. LIFE-CHANGING!

  10. Magnificent !! You lucky girl !! And I’m sure it was worth the wait. Congratulations on your beautiful new kitchen and work space !!

  11. Oh my goodness..gorgeous and i know this place with “spark” even more creativity from Just A Taste! Use and enjoy.

  12. OMGosh! Can I come live with you? lol I absolutely LOVE your kitchen & the idea of a 2nd kitchen is amazing! Love your recipes & all that you do for us Kelly!

  13. What a beautiful kitchen. I would say definitely worth waiting for. All your experience probably played a big part in knowing what you wanted. Is he floor real wood, or is it vinyl or porcelain?

  14. Congratulations! Your new kitchen is so well thought out and absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your story with us! We are all so incredible proud of you and the fact that you built your business from scratch. Great work and keep the delicious recipes coming!

  15. I absolutely love your kitchen and even more so “the dirty kitchen” with the appliances you put in it. A white kitchen is my dream with SS accents and will borrow your “dirty kitchen” idea. Thank you for sharing your yummy recipes.

  16. Such a gorgeous kitchen! Love the table and floor color. And the soft light blue. We gutted our kitchen and redid three years ago,and for a very large house I would prefer a bigger kitchen…but there are only two of us now and we did get a lot of storage. Still have a dining room not used, but it was not right behind the kitchen, love that you did that.

    1. Thank you, Jillian! We rarely even sit down for a meal (running after kids!) so there was noooo way we were using a formal dining room :)

  17. Can you share the details on your floors? Are you concerned about upkeep with light flooring and 2 small kids? I have 2 as well and that’s my hesitation but these look perfect. Thank you! So beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much, Kara! Not concerned at all with upkeep. Would go with this same light flooring again and again. It actually hides a lot of sins :)

  18. It is Beautiful!!! I’m curious if you know the square footage of your kitchen before and then now with that extra wall gone? The “dirty” kitchen is an amazing idea!! Love all your recipes!!

    1. Thank you so much, Jessica! I’m not sure of the square footage but I’ll look into it and get back to you ASAP :)