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  • Cucumbers and Sesame Salad

    Cucumber and Sesame Salad

      Summer Fest Ingredient: Cukes n’ Zukes Sliced, chopped, dipped or dressed, cucumbers are one of the most versatile vine veggies. And what better way to kick...…

  • The La Jolla Crab Stack

    I’m steering clear of anything that involves pre-heating, sauteing, boiling or baking at the moment, as the mere thought of going near my stove gives me heatstroke....…

  • Fig-Burrata-Prosciutto-Salad

    Fig, Prosciutto and Burrata Cheese Salad

    If your taste buds haven’t met the likes of Burrata cheese, then allow me to introduce you to mozzarella’s creamier, tastier counterpart. Burrata cheese is essentially moz…

  • How to Seed a Pomegranate

    Video: How to Seed a Pomegranate

    Tune in to this week’s video to learn a simple technique for how to quickly seed a pomegranate without staining your fingers. This technique allows you to...…

  • Thai Chicken Pasta Salad Recipe

    Thai Chicken Pasta Salad

    Ramen noodles? Check. Homemade peanut sauce? Check. Fresh veggies and diced chicken? Double check. Thai Chicken Pasta Salad gets my vote for a dish that does double...…

  • 30-Minute Pistachio Pesto Tortellini Recipe

    30-Minute Pistachio Pesto Tortellini

    ...Quick, simple and the ultimate way to skip the store-bought pasta salads for good. Best of all, this tortellini salad is just as tempting when served hot as when served...…

  • In Season Now: Pomegranates

    In Season Now: Pomegranates warm, somewhat arid climates. The seeds are mostly enjoyed raw, often used as a garnish over salads and desserts (we also love them in guacamole!), or processed into jui…

  • Artichoke Recipes

    In Season Now: Artichokes

    ...for salads, and baby ones for pickling or frying. HOW TO STORE Store unwashed artichokes in a perforated plastic bag in your refrigerator’s crisper for up to one week. Co…

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