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    • Lightweight, small multipurpose, these kitchen shears handle poultry, vegetables, packages, seafood, and more, all with relative ease. Not only that, but it’s great for opening bottle caps, cracking shells or walnuts, or even cutting flower stems!
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    Improve your skills and ease your burden in the kitchen with the ultimate kitchen partner-Iron Gadget Multipurpose Kitchen Shears.

    When it comes to food preparation, it seems as if you need a bunch of kitchen tools just to get through the packaging and on to cooking. And then you need even more supplies to start preparing the food itself.

    Well not anymore.

    Thanks to the Iron Gadget Multipurpose Kitchen Shears, you can cut your prep time dramatically and make working around the kitchen even easier. Made of premium stainless steel and featuring an ergonomic grip, our kitchen scissors are strong enough to cut through chicken bones, sharp enough to slice through fruits and vegetables, and versatile enough to crush walnuts and open bottle caps.

    What’s more, they break down by turning them 90 degrees for easy use and cleaning. Complete with a magnetic holder that sticks to your fridge or other metal surfaces, the Iron Gadget Multipurpose Kitchen Shears will always be within arm’s reach.

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