Easy Homemade Churros with Chocolate Sauce

Easy Homemade Churros with Chocolate Sauce

My love affair with churros began at the age of 8, when I visited Disneyland with my best friend Jenny. I ate six churros that day and didn’t share a single bite of the foot-long magical wands of dough. But inch by inch they’d shrink in size until all that remained was the sugar-dusted tissue paper—a welcome reminder that the only thing left to do when you reach the end of a churro is cry.

I never could’ve imagined that 19 years later I’d be making churros 3,000 miles away in my kitchen in New York City. But last weekend I found myself perched in front of my stove, squeezing dough into a pot of boiling oil, and fishing out each golden brown churro as it bobbed up and down in a dangerous game of Whac-A-Mole.

Of course a churro isn’t a churro without a cinnamon-sugar shower. But I couldn’t stop there. The crispy batons beg to be dipped and dunked, so I’ve included a quick-fix recipe for warm chocolate dipping sauce. Dip once, dip twice, or dip three times with additional recipes for butterscotch sauce and raspberry sauce.

Homemade Churros with Chocolate Sauce

Homemade Churros with Chocolate Sauce

Homemade Churros with Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate Sauce

Homemade Churros with Chocolate Sauce

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Homemade Churros with Chocolate Sauce

Yield: About 10 (4-inch) churros

Prep Time: 20 min

Cook Time: 10 min


For the churros:
1/2 cup plus 1 1/2 Tablespoons sugar, divided
1 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 cup water
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 Tablespoons plus 2 quarts vegetable oil, divided
1 cup all-purpose flour

For the chocolate sauce:
3 1/2 ounces dark chocolate, chopped
1/2 cup heavy cream

Equipment: a cloth pastry bag or heavy-duty plastic pastry bag; a large star pastry tip (such as Wilton #2110)


Make the churros:

Combine 1/2 cup sugar with the cinnamon in a shallow bowl. Set aside. Line a plate with paper towels.

In a small saucepan over medium heat, whisk together the water, 1 1/2 tablespoons sugar, salt and 2 tablespoons vegetable oil. Bring the mixture to a boil then remove it from the heat. Stir in the flour, mixing until it forms a ball.

Heat 3 to 4 inches of vegetable oil in a large, heavy-bottomed pot set over medium-high heat until it reaches 375ºF. (There should be a minimum of 3 inches above the oil to prevent it from bubbling over.)

Transfer the dough to a cloth pastry bag or heavy-duty plastic bag fitted with a large star tip.

Pipe the dough over the pot of oil to a length of about 4 inches, then using scissors or a sharp knife, cut it so it releases into the oil. (Stand back to avoid any splatters.) Pipe two to three churros into the oil at a time, frying them until they're golden brown and cooked through. Transfer the churros to the paper towel-lined plate to drain for 2 minutes, then roll them in the cinnamon-sugar mixture. Repeat the frying and coating process with the remaining dough.

Serve the churros with the warm chocolate sauce (recipe below).

Make the chocolate sauce:

Place the chopped chocolate in a small bowl.

Warm the heavy cream in small saucepan. (Do not let it boil.) Pour the heavy cream over the chopped chocolate. Let it sit for 1 minute then stir to combine.

Kelly's Notes:
It's important to use a cloth or heavy-duty plastic pastry bag, as a regular resealable plastic bag is not thick enough and will split open if you try to pipe the churro dough through it.

The chocolate sauce will thicken as it cools, so it's best to make it right before you're ready to serve it with the churros.

A pastry tip isn't essential, however using the large star-shaped tip will give the churros the textured lines you see in the photos.

This churro recipe can be easily doubled.

Churro dough inspired by AllRecipes.com.


  1. 3


    Delicius!! did you know churros with chocolate are tipical from spain? we love churros for breakfast, specialy on weekends, so you must come to spain and try the real ones. Congratulations for your blog!

  2. 8

    NJMarge says

    I had my first churros con chocolate in Spain during college (when your mom was in England Jr. year abroad). Then had them again in Baja Mexico because I could not resist them. Thanks for bringing back one of my favorite food memories. Can’t wait to try them.

  3. 9


    I’ve been wanting to make churros forever, especially since I got back from Barcelona where I had some incredible ones with a chocolate dipping sauce! Totally need to try these, they look soo good.

  4. 10


    Oh my goodness. I love love LOVE churros. My current favorites are from Rick Bayless’ restaurant Xoco in Chicago. I have never tried to make them at home though. That will have to change soon.

    • Kelly Senyei replied: — March 6th, 2013 @ 7:06 pm

      Been dying to try Xoco, Blair!

  5. 15


    My love for churros began when I went to my first amusement park. It’s so overpriced at these parks but hey, they really are amazing. But I bet these homemade ones are 100000x better! Can’t wait to try them out myself. I’ll double the batch so I don’t cry when I reach the end of the churro :)

  6. 17


    I actually missed my flight out of Madrid Spain because I stopped for Churros and Chocolate sauce. Although it was an accident (and I initially freaked out a tad bit) I maintain that it was totally worth it. These look incredible.

    • Kelly Senyei replied: — March 6th, 2013 @ 7:05 pm

      This is one of the greatest churro stories ever. I’d also freak out, then look at the fried dough in my hand and realize it was all worth it :)

  7. 18


    well my 1st love of churros isn’t all glamorous, but I have, I think, a bucket of them from a local food truck in cali.
    and this was back when food trucks were not the norm as they are now, but rather a pimped out 80’s style camper, and no one serving spoke a lick of english, but sure made a pretty incredible churro!

    • Kelly Senyei replied: — March 6th, 2013 @ 8:05 pm

      Love this!

  8. 22


    i’m so hopelessly in love with churros!! i always got the churros at costco – the HUGE ones – for 99 cents. i almost got one the other day, too, but luckily i didn’t ’cause now i can make it at home :) yours looks so perfect!

  9. 26


    Strangely, I had never even tasted a churro until I was in Beijing last year. (Save to say that they have international appeal!) I couldn’t believe I’d gone so long without them. I’d love to try making them – looking forward to trying this out!

  10. 27


    I have very similar childhood memories of chomping down on churros although I don’t think my parents ever let me eat 8! That is like a chid’s dream come true! Beautiful photos and recipe!

  11. 32


    These look perfect! We lived in Spain for 12 years when our kids were young and we bought a kilo of churros, hot from the oil, wrapped in a paper cone every Sunday morning for breakfast! Dipped in that thick hot chocolate–incredible. I’ve tried making them back here in California– with little success. So I’m glad to see yours– Hope I can do it just the same! thanks!

  12. 36


    The churros look so yummy. Your pictures are making me salivate. I think the only times I’ve had churros were when I went to amusement parks or fairs, so they are definitely connected to memories of carefree fun times of childhood. Munching on warm, freshly made churros while waiting in line for the rides or while walking around at the Happiest Place on Earth, has always made my visits to the Magic Kingdom enjoyable. Even now when I visit, I can’t resist having one. The Disney parks always smell of popcorn, kettle corn, baked treats, caramel apples, and of course, churros! And the temptation is too irresistible. I just can’t help myself.

  13. 46


    We are from the border, and my daughter LOVES churros. We haven’t been able to find any where we live now that are very tasty. Will definitely be making these! Thank you~


  14. 47


    Love your story behind these. I lived in LA as a kid and went to Disney Land for every one of my birthday’s until I was about 8. Churros have a place in my heart that, unless you’ve had those churros at DL, no one can understand.

    Can’t wait to make these someday!

  15. 48

    Tia says

    i never made or eat churros before, and there are just a few resto sells churros here in my country…
    i just made churros based on this recipe..oh boy, it is sooo GOOD..
    i ended not rolling them on sugar, but only dipping them on dark chocolate sauce..so GREAT..
    Thanks for the recipe!!

  16. 49

    jennifer says

    While up googling “pregnancy insomnia” at 4am, I came across a website saying my 28 week old baby is now the length of an amusement park churro. So now, of course, I HAVE to have one this second, and am now still up, searching for homemade churro recipes!! Ahh! Im not sure if I love you or hate you for posting this amazing and delicious looking recipe…but im seriously considering climbing out of bed and heating up a pan of oil right now. Lol :-)

    • Kelly Senyei replied: — May 10th, 2013 @ 10:33 pm

      Jennifer – I just have to tell you that I think this may be the greatest comment ever posted on Just a Taste in its nearly 5-year existence. THANK YOU for absolutely making my day with a much-needed roaring laugh! Get some rest and make these tasty churros in the a.m. :)

  17. 50

    eliana Vivas says

    I’ve just made the recipe fir a Spanish breakfast here I’m Venezuela. It couldn’thave beenmore easy. Almost burned a few but theyall taste delicious thanks!

  18. 51

    Rachel says

    Oh god. Thank you! I grew up in California where you could find a churro just about anywhere. I’ve been living in Tennessee and can’t find a decent one anywhere. I’ve not had a decent ine in 10 years. Is there a way to store these. I’m certain if not I will eat them ALL.

    • Kelly Senyei replied: — June 4th, 2013 @ 11:47 am

      I know the feeling, Rachel! In terms of storing them, they really are best warm and I think they’d lose their crispiness (even in an air-tight container).

  19. 53

    Amy says

    WOW! These are SOOOO GOOD. I made then today for my family and they LOVED IT! May not be the healthiest snack, but it’s amazing. I didnt have vegetable oil in hand, so I used canola oil instead. They came out WONDERFUL, however a little salty for my taste, so the next time I make it I will cut back the salt to 1/4 tsp. Thank you so much!! :)

  20. 54

    Lyn says

    These were so delicious!!! Gone in 10 minutes. Making my second batch now, this time with the chocolate sauce. A gem! Thanks for the recipe!

  21. 55

    Kris says

    I love churro a and so do my boys but it’s tough to find one with out an amusement park or fair going on. Can’t wait to try this recipe. Thanks!

  22. 56

    Yasmine says

    I never ever had churros in my life and im 25, I’ve been looking for recipes, after searching and searching,I found your recipe and I fell in love with ot right away, so im definitely going to give it a try.

  23. 58

    Sharon says

    I discovered at the deli counter at a gas station, filled Churros. I don’t know how they fill it, but it had custard in the middle and I loved those even more than the plain. I have had them in Disneyland too, always look for them when we are there.

  24. 60

    Shae says

    Been looking around for a recipe that won’t mess me around and just happened to try yours – nice and fluffy and so so easy!! Love it :) thanks!

    • Kelly Senyei replied: — December 9th, 2013 @ 10:19 pm

      So glad to hear it, Shae!

  25. 61

    Tom says

    I have made these once already as a snack for a football game! They were a huge hit! Now my son is asking me to make them again for a project at his school. I only have one ? How do I keep them crispy overnight? I don’t want him to take soggy limp churros to school tomorrow. Should I cover them?? Or just leave them in a container uncovered???

    • Kelly Senyei replied: — December 18th, 2013 @ 3:36 pm

      So glad you are enjoying the recipe, Tom! Unfortunately they will only be crispy right after frying. However, if you fry them a night in advance, you could rewarm them in the oven at 350F until crispy and warm. Keeping them covered will make them limp, as the moisture will accumulate. Hope this helps!

  26. 62

    Nuria says

    Cinnamon in churros? No way! In traditional Spaniard cuisine any hint of cinnamon or any other spice looks suspicious and way too spicy (except for black pepper and garlic, the only spices we used before globalization). So obviously no cinnamon in the churros, only sugar, a lot of sugar.
    It also surprised me how you cooked hot chocolate. Here in Spain you can have powder hot chocolate in every grocery store, I never thought you could make it with real chocolate (well I guess they do it like this in cafés but I never actually asked them…) With hot chocolate I mean the thick hot chocolate (as shown in the picture), what Americans call hot chocolate (the more liquid one) is what here in Spain we call “milk with Nesquick” (or Colacao, another brand) and it’s what kids usually have for breakfast every morning along with their cereals.

  27. 63

    Ashlee says

    I was so excited to try this recipe. Everything was looking great, I served up my Churros with the cinnamon-sugar and hot chocolate.. then when we started eating them, we found that the inside was not cooked and a soft, gooey dough.
    Really not happy with this result! Not quite sure where I went wrong as I followed the recipe word for word.

    • Kelly Senyei replied: — January 16th, 2014 @ 12:19 pm

      Hi Ashlee! Did you make sure the thermometer was in the oil and the oil at the right temperature?

  28. 64

    Maria says

    Hi!I will try to cook them for sure!The only problem is that i do not have thermometer for the oil..So, could you tell me how many hour do i need to warm it so it can reach that temperature?

    • Kelly Senyei replied: — January 21st, 2014 @ 6:45 pm

      Hi Maria – It’s very difficult to make these without the thermometer because the oil has to be at a very specific temperature so that it cooks the inside of the churro while slowly crisping the outside.

  29. 65

    Dianne says

    My first churro was in Santiago, Maipu, Chile this past Christmas at a special Christmas Open Market. They were making them on the spot. Some wer covered in powdered sugar and some were served with some kind of caramel paste. Delicious. Thought I had died and gone to Heaven. Will certainly try this recipe.

  30. 66

    Julie says

    can these be made the night before? Will they still be crispy and tasty?

    • Kelly Senyei replied: — February 3rd, 2014 @ 3:56 pm

      Hi Julie! I don’t recommend making them a day in advance, as they’ll be best served immediately after deep-frying.

  31. 68

    Janeille says

    I have a Spanish project and i need at least 30 churros how many batches do i make?

    • Kelly Senyei replied: — February 11th, 2014 @ 6:57 pm

      Hi Janeille – Per the recipe yield, it makes about 10 (4-inch) churros, so you should triple it, but I’d recommend making three batches (separately), as three times the ingredients above will be very difficult to handle.

  32. 70


    ps–you can pipe them on parchment and freeze them. When you want churros fresh–drop them frozen into the oil–they fry up perfectly–might take a wee bit longer. I don’t mind checking one hot from the fryer ;-)

    • Kelly Senyei replied: — February 12th, 2014 @ 5:00 pm

      Amazing tip, Letty! Thanks so much :)

  33. 71

    Grrrrace says

    Just wondering, how many 4 inch churros does this make? Thanks for the recipe

    • Kelly Senyei replied: — February 20th, 2014 @ 10:11 am

      Hi Grace – Per the recipe yield above, it makes 10 (4-inch) churros.

  34. 72


    My boyfriend and I were pondering how hard it would be to make the churros longer in this recipe or could we just double the recipe in size

    • Kelly Senyei replied: — February 26th, 2014 @ 5:56 pm

      Hi Chad! The churros can be a bit hard to pipe/fry if they’re longer than the length designated in the recipe. You can give it a go, but you’ll need a much deeper pot of oil. Hope that helps!

  35. 73

    Ori says

    I really really wanted these but I didn’t have a pastry bag, so I subbed by putting one gallon storage/freezer bag inside of another, then cutting off a corner at the bottom. The bags had no problem piping the dough and I wound up with delicious churros. I skipped on the chocolate sauce and just topped with cinnamon sugar. They’re amazing.

    I’ll be making the secret ingredient chocolate chip cookies tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to them. :) I’m thinking of doing one batch with chips and another with m&ms. We’ll see how it turns out. Thank you so much for your recipes!

    • Kelly Senyei replied: — March 19th, 2014 @ 6:20 pm

      Great to know that doubling up on the plastic bags worked! Thanks for your comment, Ori!

  36. 75

    Mariana says

    I have to admit, its simple, easy and obviously delicious.. and best the best part of all – typically some churros will hardened when left outside for an hour or so, but not this one. I skipped the piping bag as well as the choc dip.. but who cares when the taste of the churros itself supersede everything else! Thanks for this awesome recipe. Everyone in my family loves them!

  37. 77

    Delia says

    Owh Kelly, I’m not sure if you still track the comments since this is last year’s entry but really hope for a reply.
    I haven’t been in any of the states/countries that sell Churros, so I don’t really know the taste, but I’ve heard so much about it. I made it last night, and my niece did take a bite at that time and it sounds crunchy, and it IS delicious indeed. After a while, it becomes soft but the taste is still heavenly.
    I’ve a question though. After mixing the dough to a ball, do we let it cool first before piping? Is there any impact that made the churros softer after 1/2 hour? I saw your comments to Tom that it will be crunchy only after frying, but just want to confirm if piping it while it’s hot has any effect. Or was it because I let it air while waiting to eat them. Btw, it does hurt piping while hot hehe.
    Thanks for the recipe :).

    • Kelly Senyei replied: — July 4th, 2014 @ 12:09 am

      Hi Delia! Yes, I do my best to read all comments :) The churros will be slightly crunchy on the exterior and slightly soft in the center.

  38. 79

    nandia katsimihas says

    Just made the Churros!!!!!!!!!!Fantastic,the kids love them and they look exactly like the ones in the pictur!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you for the clear and simple but delicious recipe!!!!!!!!! It’s not so easy to find churros in Greece but now I can make them myself!!!!!!!Many thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  39. 82

    gloom says

    Just popped my churro at a local Mexican snack bar and wow, how have I not tried these before? It’s like the totally legitimate offspring of a donut and a crispy crêpe. They served them with a dulce de leche dip, which I wouldn’t attempt but could happily substitute with condensed milk caramel. Thanks for the recipe – I’m looking forward to trying to make them.

  40. 84

    Lola says

    I’ve never tried making churros using a recipe that does not use eggs. Will try this soon and compare with what I’m used to.

    • Kelly Senyei replied: — January 7th, 2015 @ 9:33 am

      I hope you enjoy the recipe, Lola!

  41. 85

    Raheel says

    Can we use ketchup plastic bottles to pour out the mixture?

    • Kelly Senyei replied: — January 13th, 2015 @ 4:53 pm

      Unfortunately the spout of the bottle isn’t thick enough for the size of churros depicted, however if you want to make much smaller/thinner ones you could try it. Although the dough itself is also very thick and would be hard to get into the bottle.

  42. 86

    enike says

    As I live in Estonia I haven’t even heard about churros, but thanks to Facebook I got here. Now I am really interested in them! As i have almost everything at home, gonna give it a try. Bet my kids will love them! Thanks for the tutorial!

  43. 88

    bob says

    neat little recipe! first time I made these and I just added a little more water and oil to the dough to soften it a lil more for piping, but yes was a real hit and heaps of people loved them for a Mexican food night

    I made chocolate sauce, butterscotch sauce and sour cream/cream dipping mix

    to make an easy runny butterscotch sauce you chuck about 50g butter, 3 tbsp brown sugar and 1/3 cup cream (add more or less cream to thicken/loosen) and cook it in the microwave or on the stovetop, stirring regularly til sugar has all dissolved and it thickens a lil.

    sour cream/cream mix, about 2 tsp sifted icing sugar to taste, 2 tbsp sour cream, 1/4 cup cream whisk together , ends up with a yoghurty type dip which tartness is good for the sweet sugar coating of the churros

  44. 89

    Virginia says

    Traditional churros ( from Spain) do not have sugar or cinnamon.
    I make them almost every Sunday and eat them as is, but my family sprinkles powder sugar on them.
    You can buy a churro maker for less than $20.00 at latienda.com that will simplify making them.

  45. 90

    Paige H. says

    Wow! So easy and I already have almost all the ingredients!!! I will definitely be making these sometime this week. But do you know if I can use almond milk instead of the heavy cream for the chocolate sauce?

    • Kelly Senyei replied: — May 21st, 2015 @ 7:57 pm

      Hi, Paige! I’ve never tried making the sauce with almond milk but it should work :)

  46. 92

    Gerri says

    Hi I just made this churro recipe and it was really easy…. I didn’t have the star piping tip so I just made round bite size churros. When I Fred then they were a little raw in the middle and soaked up a lot of oil any suggestions?

    • Kelly Senyei replied: — July 19th, 2015 @ 6:02 pm

      Hi Gerri – My guess is that they were likely too large/thick or your oil wasn’t at the right temp. Did you use a deep-fry thermometer? That will guarantee both the inside and outside cook correctly.


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