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  • Pepperoni Pizza Pasta

    Pepperoni Pizza Pasta

    Two comfort foods join forces in this family favorite recipe for Pepperoni Pizza Pasta. I am (more than) slightly embarrassed to admit where I got the inspiration for t…

    • 50 Minutes
  • Slow Cooker Hawaiian Pulled Pork

    Slow Cooker Hawaiian Pulled Pork

    Take your taste buds to the tropics with a family favorite recipe for Slow Cooker Hawaiian Pulled Pork. Three words: Hawaiian Pulled Pork. If the title doesn't kicks…

    • 490 Minutes
  • The Top 10 Recipes of 2018

    The Top 10 Recipes of 2018

    I get giddy year after year when the time comes to write this post. It's always enjoyable to look back on a year's worth of culinary creations (81 brand-new recipes, to be e…

  • Leftover Mashed Potato Gnocchi

    Leftover Mashed Potato Gnocchi

    Grab the spare spuds (and just two other ingredients!) to whip up a light and fluffy recipe for Leftover Mashed Potato Gnocchi. Whether it's an ordinary weeknight or Tu…

    • 28 Minutes
    • Easy
  • Five-Spice Beef Kabobs

    Five-Spice Beef Kabobs

    Fire up the grill (or stovetop grill pan!) for a quick and easy Five-Spice Beef Kabob recipe paired with a cool and creamy yogurt dip. Grilling season is beginning to fade …

    • 20 Minutes
  • Quick Black Pepper Pork

    Quick Black Pepper Pork

    Transform pork tenderloin into a takeout-fakeout feast with an easy and fresh recipe for Quick Black Pepper Pork. If you've tuned in to Instagram Stories, you'll know t…

    • 30 Minutes
    • Easy
  • The Best Avocado Chicken Salad

    The Best Avocado Chicken Salad

    Add a creamy, healthy twist to a lunchtime classic with this recipe for The Best Avocado Chicken Salad. I was a bit late to the avocado craze. I never understood the al…

    • 10 Minutes
    • Healthy
  • Easy Pesto Lasagna Roll-Ups

    Easy Pesto Lasagna Roll-Ups

    Dinner dilemma? Don't miss this family-friendly recipe for Easy Pesto Lasagna Roll-Ups made with just six simple ingredients. Lasagna roll-ups have been on my Must Make…

    • 60 Minutes
  • One Pot Pasta with Italian Sausage

    One Pot Pasta with Italian Sausage

    Take the stress out of dinner prep with this fast and fresh recipe for One Pot Pasta with Italian Sausage. Life has been a whirlwind around here lately, and I am not co…

    • 40 Minutes
  • Easy Cheesy Rigatoni Pie

    Easy Cheesy Rigatoni Pie

    Take traditional pasta to a whole new level with a family favorite recipe for Easy Cheesy Rigatoni Pie. Have you ever seen ordinary pasta look more extraordinary? Ju…

    • 70 Minutes

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