Family of Four!

We are ecstatic to share that Julian will become a big brother in February, and we will become a family of four!

A baby's hands reaching for a sticky bun and a book for a family of four announcement

I am expecting another little boy at the end of February and we couldn’t be more thrilled as we anxiously anticipate the brothers meeting for the first time.

I feel a bit… OK, a lot more prepared for baby #2, just because I know what to expect when it comes to sleepless nights. Sleep deprivation was definitely the biggest challenge for me with Julian (thank goodness for sleep training!). Although I know every baby is different, so perhaps Little Brother will be a bit more keen on getting some shut-eye before the 4-month mark. Hah! A mom can certainly dream!

I’d love to know any and all tips you might have for becoming a family of four and making the transition from one to two children. What were the biggest surprises for you? Please feel free to share below!

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  1. Biggest cravings were Mexican food with my first baby and watermelon and strawberries with my second

  2. My best advice keep a sense of humor and all eyes on deck. I gave my older son a small baby doll in preparation for the new baby. We talked about caring for the baby. Shortly after bringing the baby home, my son witness me breast feeding. He ran and got his baby doll, lifted his shirt and placed the baby near his chest. On another occasion the toddler was either trying to share or claim his territory in the home…. He was about to give his newborn brother a large truck by placing it over the babies head… even post birth I had the ability to sprint faster than I ever sprinted in my life. FYI the second baby as a newborn was much easier, was it my more relaxed attitude or just an easier baby? Now was he easier as a toddler with a big brother egging him on………. Enjoy motherhood!

  3. I found it hard to watch my first struggle through the real emotions of not being the baby or center of attention anymore. In hindsight it’s is good but it was hard as a mom to watch. I encouraged him in his new role as big brother every moment I could. That helped! It’s wonderful and a little nutty at times. Huge congrats to you!