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Ali Maffucci: Founder of Inspiralized

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Meet the Queen of Zoodles! Founder of Inspiralized, entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, mom and product inventor Ali Maffucci is dishing on all things spiralizing. In this episode, Ali and Kelly chat about:

  • What inspired Ali to make the jump from corporate America to launching her culinary brand and pursuing it full time
  • The one thing Ali would have done differently when it came to developing her product, The Inspiralizer
  • What differentiates The Inspiralizer from all other spiralizing products give to her product a competitive edge
  • How Ali balances building her business and being a mother of two, with tips for dealing with mom guilt
Ali Maffucci - Founder of Inspiralized

Show Guest

Ali Maffucci

Ali Maffucci is the founder of the culinary brand Inspiralized, the ultimate resource for cooking creatively, healthfully and deliciously with the spiralizer, the kitchen tool that turns vegetables and fruits into noodles. Maffucci has authored New York Times best-selling cookbooks (Inspiralized and Inspiralize Everything) and her latest cookbook, Inspiralized and Beyond is following suit. Maffucci launched her branded spiralizer called The Inspiralizer and continues to provide daily free recipes on her food blog and through her iOS mobile app.

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Inspiralized recipes

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Take your spiralizer for a spin with Ali’s most popular recipes featuring fresh fruits and veggies.

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Resources From This Episode

Inspiralized Cookbook

Inspiralize Everything cookbook by Ali Maffucci

Inspiralize Everything Cookbook

Inspiralized and Beyond cookbook by Ali Maffucci

Inspiralized and Beyond Cookbook

The Inspiralizer product

The Inspiralizer

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