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Producer Glenn Milley and Rachael Ray

Glenn Milley: Emmy-Nominated Culinary Producer

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Meet Glenn Milley, an Emmy-nominated producer who has worked on The Rachael Ray Show, Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family, and currently Red Table Talk, a Web-based show starring Will Smith and his family. In this episode, Glenn and Kelly chat about:

  • The role of a producer in the culinary field and what it takes to produce a successful cooking show
  • The Milley’s Thanksgiving menu, including Rachael Ray’s tips for holiday meals
  • How television production has changed during the current world environment
  • How Glenn manifests, keeps track and achieves his goals of any size

Show Guest

Glenn Milley

Glenn Milley is an Emmy-nominated producer based in Los Angeles, CA. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, his family’s Italian and Irish roots forged his love of food from a young age, which came in handy in his career as a television producer for such shows as Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family and The Rachael Ray Show. You can follow him on Instagram at @goforglenn.


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Loaded Baked Potato Soup

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