Meet Melanie Moss, the Founder and pastry mastermind behind Mini Melanie, an award-winning bakery in New York City known for their exquisitely adorned cake truffles, which were featured in the 2016 Michelin Guide. In this episode, Melanie and Kelly chat about:

  • How Melanie devised the recipe for her cake truffle through months of research and development
  • How Melanie pivoted from selling her products at a store front to expanding her e-commerce business nationwide
  • Melanie’s number 1 tip for how to go from a unique concept to a successful food business
Mini Melanie Melanie Moss

Show Guest

Melanie Moss

Mini Melanie was founded in 2015 by Melanie Moss. Starting at age six mixing pastry dough alongside their Viennese grandma, Melanie’s childhood baking hobby steadily grew into an obsession. While attending Northwestern University, Melanie studied in Paris and was Sous Chef at Cours de Cuisine atelier. She later attended the Institute of Culinary Education and honed her craft in Michelin-starred kitchens where she was Head Baker and Pastry Sous Chef. Melanie’s desserts have been recognized in the 2016 New York City Michelin guide, and in 2018, Melanie became Champion of a special-themed chocolate competition on Food Network’s CHOPPED.


Recipes From This Episode

no-bake chocolate cookie pops

No-Bake Chocolate Cookie Pops

Make your own pops meant for sharing with these simple No-Bake Chocolate Cookie Pops!

Monster Cookie Bars

Monster Cookie Bars

Make these colorful, thick and chewy Monster Cookie Bars to get that satisfy your deep dish cookie cravings at home.



Resources From This Episode

Cake Truffles

Mini Melanie’s Signature Cake Truffles

Deep Dish Cookie Cake

Mini Melanie’s Deep-Dish Cookie Cakes

Mini Melanie Mini Cakes

Mini Melanie’s Mini Cakes


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