Video: How to Proof Bread In the Dryer

Discover a simple trick for how to proof bread and pizza dough by transforming your dryer into the ultimate proofing box. Then put your skills to the test with recipes for homemade pizza dough, hamburger buns, soft pretzels and more.

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  1. I’m using this tip right now. I woke up this morning, New Year’s Day, determined to make no-knead bread for tonight. Then I see in the recipe that it’s best to rise 10-12 hours or overnight. Uh…I want my bread for dinner. This may or may not work for this recipe, but all I’m risking is 3 cups of flour, some salt, and some yeast. :)

  2. I put mine in the oven with the oven light on. Place the bowl of dough away from the light and open the door about half an inch. I use the handle of a wooden spoon to keep the door ajar. If the door is left closed the oven heats up too much

  3. I also use my dryer to proof bread but I put the bowl ON TOP of the dryer while it is running, which is very convenient because I am always doing laundry. I place it on a rubber mat so it doesn’t fall off. My dry in behind sliding door so it’s dark too.

  4. I usually preheat my oven for a bit and let the dough rise in it. Darkness doesn’t have anything to do with dough rising… it’s all in the yeast, which will happen even without putting it in a warm oven or dryer.

  5. Was telling people at work about this trick today, and no one had heard of it! This makes proofing bread so much easier.

    1. The dryer never runs during the proofing process. It’s only run before to warm it up, and then the dough sits inside in a bowl (covered with plastic wrap). Hope that helps!

  6. Never heard of this before, but such a great idea! I always put mine in my oven that I’ve warmed just a bit with a bowl of hot water on the lower rack. Works so great, but tricky if you need in the oven in the mean time ;)

  7. Kelly, I just knew this tip was coming to video soon! LOVE this tip from your hamburger bun recipe. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend. Pinning!

  8. GENIUS! Such a clever idea. Granted, I don’t have a dryer (apartment living, boo), haha, but if I did, I would certainly do this. Great tip Kelly!

  9. I do this all the time! It works great!
    I got quite the puzzled look from my boyfriend the other day when he found me pulling dough out of the dryer!

  10. OMG! When I move I’m finally going to have a washer and dryer in my apartment and I am so excited to use this tip!

  11. I love that trick – the other one I use is setting it on top of my dryer when I’m doing laundry! Either way – dough and dryers are BFFs!